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Política de calidad

The Board, management and work teams in Adsis Foundation are committed to the promotion of quality as a tool for the development of the mission, useful for achieving the objectives proposed.

From this perspective defines its quality policy based on the following principles and commitments

  • 1


    Place the values of the organisation, and in particular, to the target people and style of relationship, as essential aspects in the development of its mission.

  • 2


    Implement a system of quality assurance that allows the management of programmes and services according to common processes, tracking and evaluating them, and establishing continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

  • 3


    Implement an integrated information and communication system that allows knowledge management and assessment of the impact of their actions.

  • 4


    Having an agile and operational organisational structure, based on the promotion of interaction and intelligent participation of its members. Therefore, favour the formation of contractors and volunteers.

  • 5


    Ensure transparency by clearly communicating the performance and the internal and external management of the Foundation.

  • 6


    Enhance collaboration with other entities in order to improve efficiency and an active impact on social transformation.

Madrid, 20 de junio de 2008

Aprobación Patronato 20/06/2009